Unique Reclaimed Barnwood Selection

The beauty of this distressed old growth wood is so beautiful and different from wood you can purchase today, it cannot be reproduced. The acquired characteristics of this naturally aged product include cracks, knots, peg holes, surface checking, insect scaring, nail holes, and color variation. There is no way to find the same two boards due to this natural aging process. It sometimes takes over 100 years to acquire this natural beauty. Below is an example of the kinds of barnwood that can be found in most barns with each board having unique characteristics. We stock aged rustic pine, naily roof boards, ash, beach, white oak, red oak, elm, and hickory planks reclaimed locally from antique barns here in Michigan.

Most of this unique vintage barnwood is washed and dried and store inside.

Rustic Pine Brown Board 
Washed rough sawn pine brown board from the interior of the barn. A lot of wear and aged character makes this 1" thick material perfect for making furniture, unique custom projects, wall covering, wine cellars, trim, and faux beams.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$5.00 a square foot depending on quality. 
Rustic Pine Naily Roof Boards,
This is by far one of our best sellers but we realized that folks had no idea the labor process to produce such a cool product. So please read our Naily Roof Board Process Blog to understand the lengths we go to bring you this very unique material.
Coming from the roof of the barn these have lots of nail holes, varying colors, and wear giving them the most character of any antique barnwood. We have a large quantity in 1" random length and width. Great for walls, wine cellars, and man caves. This batch has a lot of what we call twice reclaimed material meaning it was reclaimed many years ago from older barn roofs and siding when the roof on the barn we have now reclaimed was redone. This gives some of these boards very unique features like a naily weathered brown board side or a good naily side on both sides to choose from or even both options and more.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$6.00 a square foot depending on quality.
Rustic Circle Sawn Hard Pine Naily Roof Boards,
Coming from the roof of the barn these have lots of nail holes, varying colors, giving them the most character of any antique barnwood. We have a small quantity in 1" random length and width. Great for trim, walls, and man caves. This batch has a lot of live edge so if you want that unique one of a kind look this batch will be great. if you do not want any live edges we will not allow picking thou to get all square edge material out but measurement wise we have allowed for the live edges to be cut off. For those who are looking for a live edge this material can be very unique.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$5.50 a square foot depending on quality.
Distressed Mixed Species Naily Roof Boards,
This batch has a variety of colors and textures. There is everything from oak, maple, elm, pine, basswood, but mostly ash. It did get some soft spots from the shingled roof leaking so we blasted that material away leaving an interesting uneven texture and color with some big wavy dips. There is also a lot of live and bark edges. So if you are not looking for this kind of very unique rustic character for your project this is not for you. We could not capture all the variations in just a few pictures so hopefully this description will help.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$5.00 to $6.00 a square foot depending on quality.
Distressed Wide Plank Floor Boards,
These floor boards come out of a very old tool shed so lots of dings and marks from years of use. In the mean time many critters made there homes in here so lots of chewed edges and holes giving it a very uneven look if this is something you can use for your project it would be one of a kind. The floor was actually double layered so half is not distressed and just circle sawn wide planks mostly 12" and 13" wide by 15'2" long but some narrower and some wider.
Washed and dried and ready for tooling.
$5.00 to $6.00 a square foot depending on quality.
  Circle Sawn Pine Boards
Mostly 2x8 and some 2x6. Interesting circle sawn on two sides and planed smooth on 2 sides so you can use the side that works best for your application. Great for shelves, joists, or faux beams. We have a large quantity in random lengths from 8' to 17'6".
Washed and dried and ready to install. 
$4.00 to 5.00 a board foot depending on quality.
Pine Threshing Boards
2" Pine threshing boards that have even more of a rustic appearance and wear due to being a softer wood. Threshing boards were used on the barn floor between the big barn door openings to support the weight of horses, wagons and tractors that pull in with the crop to be threshed. We have a small quantity left of this material in random widths from 8" to 14" wide and 11' to 16'. They have all the character you are looking for in barn wood. Great for tables, benches, and shelving.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$4.50 to 5.50 a board foot depending on quality.
2.5"x9" Aged Smooth Douglas Fir
This is some gorgeous 2.5"x9" aged Douglas fir pine stock perfect for shelves or table tops. This has just the right amount of distressing and a beautiful aged patina. Most of this material is 13' long but we do have a few shorts. 
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$7.50 a board foot or $14.06 a lineal foot.
$182.81 for a 13' piece
3"x8"x18' Wormy Circle Sawn Sycamore
At least we believe this to be sycamore but it really doesn't matter with this stuff. Really just a matter of whether you love it. We have 14 of them when writing this up. Had them chemically and kiln heat treated to kill all the bugs for sure.
$5.00 to $9.00 a board foot depending on quantity and quality..
Weathered Gray and Brown Trim Boards 
Finally! We get calls for this size boards all the time and never get it. Most old historic barn wood is wide plank but we got a few barns in a row that hat 1x4 and 1x3 batten boards. We have it in 3.5" mostly washed weather brown with a touch of gray. And a 1x2.75" to 3" gray and some having just a touch of red around knots and such. Do to the demand the cost will be higher than general barn wood so that people who really need trim boards will get it and folks who are just looking to use it on a wall or other projects will go with the wider planks.
$1.50 to $2.00 a lineal foot depending on quantity.

Washed Weathered Brown Board 
Washed weathered brown board is weathered gray siding washed to reveal the aged patina just below the surface. With this process we get a cleaned brown board with all the character of worn weathered siding. Great for the projects you want that weathered character but need a cleaner material. This material is 1" thick. Generally used on walls and sometimes beams.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$6.00 a square foot.
A Few boards Left!
3x8 Rustic Pine Joists
We reclaimed a good quantity of very old 3x8 rustic pine joists with big nail holes. Mostly 11' to 12' they are so old the most of the nails had rusted and expanded in the wood to be quite a challenge to pull.
Washed and dried and ready to install. 
$4.00 to 5.00 a board foot depending on quality.
If you would like 1 for a mantel please refer to our mantels page.
Large Quantity of Oak
We have a large quantity of circle sawn 2 inch thick oak from 6" to 12" wide. Mostly 8" and 10". Some of what we got in this batch was nailed together with large old square head nails leaving a lot more character on the face than normal. We left some nail heads in for the look if they were not sticking out the back side. About a third of the oak is quarter sawn and has beautiful ray flecks. See some good samples of what these materials look like skim planed, full planed, quarter sawn planed, and polyurethaned on our Samples page. Great for tables and counters. Give us a call, email, or Product Request us with you needs and we will check to see what we have that works for your project.
Cleaned and dry.
$4.50 to $5.50 a board foot.
($9.00 to $11.00 a square foot)
Circle Sawn Pine 4x6
We get a lot of requests for 4"x6" material but seam to have a hard time getting it lately. Came across a lot of these white pine 4x6s used as girts, (the long boards or longs that wrap the barn for the siding to be nailed to). This material has no mortises and a nice distressed character and patina. Come and get them while we have them.
Washed and dried.
$5.50 to $7.00 a board foot depending on quantity.
Mixed White Oak Family Boards
We have a good quantity of 2"x4", 5", and 6" mixed white, pin, black, or live oak in stock. This material has a mix of colors and unique grain. Most are circle sawn and white oak but there is a good verity of colors and textures here. Ranging from 5'9" to 9'3" depending on when and where you come to and what we sell out of.
Washed and stored inside.
$4.00 to $5.00 a board foot
depending on quantity and quality.
Circle Sawn Elm 
We have a small quantity of circle sawn elm in 2"x12"x14' to 15' and 3"x10"x16'. Elm has a understated grain that is durable and perfect for furniture projects. Great for counters and furniture. Give us a call, email, or Product Request us with you needs and we will check to see what we have that works for your project.
Cleaned and dry.
$3.50 to $4.50 a board foot.
($8.00 to $9.00 a square foot)
Circle Sawn 3x4 and 4x4 Pine
We have a good quantity of old used 3"x4" and 4"x4" circle sawn pine naily on 3" edge. Great condition and just right on the distressing for a old barn wood look. 
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$5.00 a board foot.
Circle Sawn Hemlock
 and No nails, just a rustic circle sawn Hemlock out of one of our barns.
We have 1x6", 8", and 10" most of them are little over 8' long.
Call or email with your specific needs.
$4.50 b.f. $3.50 depending on quantity.




Oak Threshing Boards
2" oak threshing boards from old barn floors that farmers drove their teams and equipment into the barn on. Has a very worn rustic texture from repeated foot and equipment use.
$4.50 a board foot
$9.00 a square foot)
Logs and Sleepers 
Logs and sleepers with and without bark in various sizes and species. Most are hewn on one or two sides. Great for log beams, pergolas and arbors, stair railings, log siding, and log furniture.
$3.00 a running foot.




Barn Pegs 
Barn pegs were used to hold the beams together in these antique barns. You can only get the pegs (trunnels) if you take apart an antique barn very carefully piece by piece. Trunnels were used  instead of nails in older turn of the century barns when people used what they could from the land. 
More interesting information about barn pegs, also known as trenails or trunnels can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treenail
$4.00 ea.