Antique Hay Trolleys

Hay trolley, hay carriers or sometimes called hay unloaders were used to move loads of hay (held by a sling or fork) from a wagon into the barn for storage. The carriers traveled along track: first wood beams and then, beginning in the 1890s, steel rail. Every carrier depended on a pulley to raise and lower the load. If you want to learn more about these and other hay trolleys please visit our good friends at Hay Trolley Heaven for the most complete collection of hay trolley information on the Internet.

Below are some of the antique barn hay carriages, trolleys, or cross draft unloaders we have for sale.


The Ney Hay Trolley
Embossed on the side is;
PAT'D APRIL 5 1887
This is a really rare old hay trolley. Much smaller and lighter than the others we have acquired. We do have some track that goes with this one. The prices would be the same as our other tracks you can see here; Hay Trolley Track 
Item # aa108neytr
Price $225.00


F.E. Myers Heavy Duty Adjustable Trolley
All the original parts in working order. This one is very heavy duty right angle trolley and heavy being the word. Shipping will run a little higher to get UPS to lug this thing across state lines. A good looking unit that would make a great addition for any collector or enthusiast.  
Item # femyershd1-12
Price $300.00


F.E. Myers and Bro. Sure Grip Unloader
This unit is in excellent condition. All the original parts and pulleys are still there. Embossed on the side is where this piece comes from Ashland, Ohio. These made two story barns practical and they were used to lift and trolley hay from the wagon tothe barn hayloft then trip and drop the load.
PATD April 4 05
Item # femysgunloader1-12
Price $250.00


F.E. Myers H501 Timber Runner
A nice timber runner. We come across the bottom portion of this unit often on steal track units so it appears they made this unit for both timber and steal tracks. In excellent condition with some of the original silver paint still showing though and all the original parts are still there.
PATD April 10 1909
Item # myersH501
Price $250.00 


The F.E. Myers & Bro. Co. Sure Grip Hay Trolley
 Very ornate with a lot of original paint still left this is an interesting attractive hay trolley. But we could not find a patd date on this one which is rare for F.E. Myers. If anyone knows about this unit please let us know. As usual  for the Myers company this is made in Ashland Ohio and comes with 20' of original hemp rope and one of the original pulleys.
Item # 4suregrip
Price $300.00 


The Harvester Hay Trolley
This is an old school timber runner. Meaning it rides on a 4x4 wood rail instead of steel. Patd Oct, 4, 1910 this one comes with 30' of original rope and pulley. There would normally be two pulleys but this is all it came with. This unit does have a bad runner wheel but still moves fine.
Item # harvester9-4-1910
Price $250.00 


Star Cross Draft Hay Carrier N1053
This Star Cross model is a Cross Draft model that requires no trip on the rail and will hold the pay load at any height.Using a chassis mounted trip, the operator can haul heavy loads at any height and then, using the top carriage rings and the secondary side draft ropes, pull the trolley to any position on the rail. Once over the mow, the carriage mounted trip lock would be activated. This one comes with both pulleys and about 20' of rope. 
Produced by and embossed on sides is;

Hunt, Helm & Ferris Co.

Star Cross Draft Carrier,

Harvard ILL, PATD OCT-4-1910

Item # starcrossN1053
Price $300.00 


Leader Timber Runner Trolley
This trolley comes with pulleys and 30' rope.
Item # leader-tr
Price $299.00 



The Adjustable Hay Trolley
Made by The F.E. Myers & Bro.Co. Ashland O. USA.  Padt on April 13 1909 this unit is seized up. We could break it loose with some oil and elbow grease and dollars but that will leave oil stains on it. Again what is up with the matching patented dates.
Item # ajustacle4-13-1909
Price $175.00 


Rusty J. E. Porter Co. Trolley
This trolley is not operational and rusted stiff. Much like all of then it could probably be broken loose with some time, effort, and oil but for now is just for looks. That fact is keeping the cost down on this one.
Embossed on the side is;
J.E.Porter Co. Ottawa, ILL.
Item # porterrusty
Price $150.00


MYERS Cross Draft Unloader
F.E. Myers + Bro. Ashland, O. U.S.A. This antique hay carriage comes with the original hooks and pulleys to pick up the hay off the wagon and 100' of the original 1" rope, very unusual to find one complete with all original parts. Very nice collector item, all in great condition.
Item # aa106hc
Price $299.00



Hay Forks
Very rare hay forks. We almost never get these do to they are the first thing to get lost or easily removed and even sold to working farms that have a damaged one. This set is in great condition and in working order. A small rope for the release mechanism would be needed if this is going to be put into use. As it sits it measures about 3" thick by 26" wide by 45" tall.
Item # hayforks1
Price $150.00 



Authentic Hay Net
This is the net used when loose hay was harvesting by hand and thrown on a wagon. The wagon would be then brought into the barn and the net hooked on the hay trolley to be lifted up into the hay mow. Comes with the original unique metal locking buckle with working lever to release the hay.
Item # hn101
Price $75.00



J.E.PORTER CO. Hay Trolley
J.E. PORTER CO. OTTAWA ILL is embossed on the sides of this ornate hay trolley. Had to personally risk my life to get this one stuck in the center of a very tall barn that was being demolished just north of Byron, MI. Had to stick a 28' ladder in the middle of no where's and catch it on the track that does move and swing. But had to save it before they dropped the barn and broke it. So please make it worth the effort and buy this one with the story you can tell. 
Thanks to a great enthusiast this when has been completely and professional restored to it's former glory. Picture below to show the process and amazing finished results. When he gets his web site up we hope to post it here for your enlightenment and enjoyment. He has an amazing amount of info on hay trolleys.
Item # aa107ht
Price $250.00






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