Reclaimed Barn Siding

Breathe new life into old barn siding through a variety of projects. At 1 inch thick this material is great for wall coverings and wainscot, to bar faces and soffits. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Weathered faded red, faded white, or weathered gray barn siding available.

Weathered Gray Siding
Finally we have acquired new stock of nice weathered gray siding. Small quantity left of random width and length of short stock at the Byron location.
5.50 a square foot.




Bulk Weathered Gray Siding
We have 446 square feet of premium weathered gray siding. Random width from 8" to 14" but mostly 12" and random length from 10' to 16'. We are trying to sell this as a bulk or large quantity sale. Pictures do not do justice for this stack.
$5.50 a square foot for the bulk. 




Weathered Gray Shiplap Siding
Finally after much request from the show Fixer Upper we have acquired a small amount of weathered gray shiplap siding. We general stay away from this material because of how much longer it takes to reclaim and how much we lose due to the week edge. But you want it so we got it. We will not allow a lot of hand picking due to the edges being very vulnerable but this is a real good batch we have taken a lot of care to not damage. We got 348 square feet with a 7" face in random lengths starting at 7'8" to 15'9". We also have 35 of them at 4'6" in Byron. Pretty sure this will sell fast so noted lengths and quantity may be off.
$6.00 a square foot. 




Extremely Faded Red Siding
We have about a1000 square feet of a nice weathered gray with some faded red on few of the knots and ends. Random widths from 5" to 12" wide and lengths from 8' to 14'.
$4.50 to $5.50 a square foot, depending on quantity.




Weathered Gray Wormy Maple Siding
We have 176 square feet of interesting silver gray maple barn siding. Random width from 8.5" to 11" but mostly 11" and random length from 4'8" to 13'4". We are trying to sell this as a bulk but will consider braking it up for a higher cost. Pictures do not do justice for this stack. It has been treated for bugs but will need some time to kill them all.
$5.50 a square foot for the bulk.




Beautiful Faded White Siding 
Very nice faded white siding in 1x12 by around 5' square edge and some 1x9 by around 5'6" to 7'2" shiplap in small quantity at the Byron location.
$4.50 a square foot for squared edge.
$4.00 for shiplap due to bad edges.
Weathered Gray/Brown Board 
We have this unique 1" material in stock right now. This material is highly sought after and hard to come by. In order to get a nice gray brown generally the material will have gotten partial sunlight some where inside the barn. The other option is a weathered gray siding that gets covered at some point and not sure why but it will gradually turn back to a brown patina. If caught in time you get a nice gray brown color. It seems to be a big hit and is in limited quantity so come and get it before it is gone.
$6.00 a square foot.