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 The Amazing Journey of Reclaimed Barnwood:
If you look close at this 14' harvest table you will see the top is made from two 16" wide boards book matched from the same cut section of one tree. It was installed in the barn and aged for 120 years or so. After being reclaimed, brought back to our warehouse, washed and dried. The wood was then put back into storage, picked out by one of our clients; not realizing they were from the same section of one single tree. Then finally laid out for install to make this 14' harvest table. Visually appealing to the eye is the perfectly matching grain, circle saw marks, and knots that tell this wonderful 100 years! Making it a reclaimed barn wood story at a glance.
You can see this and some of our other tables in person at any of the Pizzeria Biga locations.
The material used to panel this wall is designed using reclaimed pine boards from the roof of old barns.  Every roof a barn received has distinguishing characteristics in the form of delicate small nails randomly spaced throughout each board.  There are sure to be plenty of nail holes in each board, making each board have a very distinctive, original look. Naily roof boards come in random thickness, random widths, lengths and is sold with no alterations.

Naily roof board wall at
Dark Spark, Royal Oak, Michigan
Designed and built by Detroit native Jason Krol, our M1 Table bridges the gap between rugged and modern. Constructed from reclaimed Michigan barn pinewood, it follows the clean lines of the Parsons Table. This classic form was first designed by Jean-Michel Frank while teaching at the Paris Parsons School of Design in the 1930s. With its generous dimensions of 7 x 3 feet, it comfortable seats 8 people or offers plenty of desk space for people who like to spread out.
The wood for the M1 Table comes from a dismantled 150 year old barn on the grounds of Swanbeck Farm in Fenton, MI.
This bathroom vanity is what one of our customers handcrafted, using the brown board and old tin from the roof of a barn, that they acquired from a barn our company recycled.
The vanity countertop of the picture to the left, what a unique and beautiful countertop!  This is what it's all about.
This table has been hand crafted from an authentic reclaimed interior barn door out of Michigan. Original square cut nails, as well as hinges have left this table top with the character you would expect to see from a 100 year old barn. The reflection of a working barn shows on the rope marks left on the hand picked legs specially chosen for this dining area table.

Pine Threshing Board Corner Bench.
Together with one of our brown board coat racks makes a confortable worry free entry way that just gets better with use. 

Coca Cola main office in Grand Rapids wanted to do a wall with our reclaimed wood for the reception area and had a designer print the logo on the wood.
Beautiful red pine table made with our reclaimed wood by one of our customers.
A beautiful Wedding/Anniversary gift! Our unique idea of using part of a hand hewn barn beam
engraved with the happy couples name and wedding date, to be displayed in a
garden setting or indoor as a conversation piece.
Can be custom sized per your specifications to fit any space.
We can do hand hewn barn beams or rustic boards
engraved with your family name and/or address to be displayed in a
garden setting or indoor as a conversation piece.
Can be custom sized per your specifications to fit any space.
Naily Roof Board 9 Peg Coat Rack.
This is another example of our Naily Roof Board Coat Racks. We custom make these coat racks in any size to fit your decor and space.
Unique barn wood coat rack handcrafted from a Naily Roof Board and Barn Pegs carefully removed from the beams of over 100 year old barns. Great addition to any decor. Barn Peg Coat Racks can be custom sized to fit any space.


One of our clients built this teachers desk from some 18" to 20" wide  Naily Roof Boards.
This coffee table is made from one 22" wide brown board cut with a very large circle saw leaving their marks across the face. With ant tunnels and big knots that water and weather had carved around leaving very unique holes that your might see carved in sand stone by a river. This is a one of a kind piece hand picked from our furniture stock.

Ceiling at Bad Brad's Barbeque

Wall using Barnwood Beams, cut logs and metal roofing

Room Divider using Barn Wood Beams and metal roofing

Mixed hardwood high top table made with jioned 2" randow width reclaimed red and white oak, elm, hickory, ash, maple, and pine. Generally used at bars and resturants with bar stools and a metal base.

Multi specie Harvest Table made with a 2" hardwood oak, ash, elm, and hickory top for durability and a pine base to try and lighten the load.
Rustic Coffee Table
Handcrafted from reclaimed pine from over a century old barn.
Very unique and original.
Special orders are available on furniture
handcrafted to your specifications.
This beam was done by one of our clients to cover an existing conventional structural beam. Using our 1x Washed Weathered Brown Board (which is actually washed weathered gray siding). The washing reveals the aged brown patina. While the weathering gives the wood a nice old worn character.
This is a wine cellar done by one of our local contractors Jamie Stacy of MacTwo Construction. If you would like to work with him you can give us a call and we will see what we can do. He is selective on the jobs he takes on and you can see why. The results here are extremely creative.
Above is a set of three reclaimed barn wood tables we made for Pizzeria Biga again. Believe they are going to the new Ann Arbor location. You can see some of our other tables at the Royal oak and Southfield locations. Made from distressed hay loft boards or what we call distressed brown board. A clear Zinsser Quick 15 finish was used which tends to give a more natural uneven clear coat and brings out a deep reddish toner with darker accents.
Console or Sofa Table handcrafted from our weathered brown board.

Due to many requests to purchase the crates we use at our storage facility. We have built many extra for sale and a few have been made with lids using old rusty barn door hinges.


One of the nicer pieces we have done this extra tall dinning table is made from reclaimed quarter sawn, circle sawn naily oak. Skip planed just the right amount to leave alot of character and saw marks but enough to produce a cleanable durably surface. A nice satin polyurethane finish that will keep these boards in use for a second hundred years.

Everything you want in a reclaimed barnwood dining table.

36" Square coffee table. Custom made from 18" wide brown board. We left the angle notches on the bottom of the 4"x4" barn beam brace legs that give a unique almost floating effect. A water born polyurethane was used to not darken the color and have a good match for the room decor. Perfect for a corner sectional and a little high for playing family games.


Bring a little zen into your workout room with one of our authentic barn doors. We can provide the track, rollers, hinges and most other hardware to make it your own.


We built this arbor in our back yard you can come and see as a sample of what you can do with our barn log sleepers. Well that and we wanted a barn log arbor. 
We get a lot of these logs hewn on one side, and we sell them very reasonable. See them on our Unique Reclaimed Barnwood page.


A beautiful hallway arch by Justin Vangordon of JCC Design. These pieces are made entirely of beams from our reclaimed barn wood.

Gorgeous antique barn entities added to this home!


Here is a nice island counter one of our clients built using our reclaimed 2x8 maple joists. Maple is great for counters and the reclaimed red maple has much more characters including the darker inner grain, quarter sawn flaking, some curly aspects, distressing and saw marks, and nail and worm holes. They did a great job on this one. So hats off from us at Christopher Construction and Reclaimed Barnwood.
Close up of the Red Maple Island.
Using our gray weathered siding this customer brought a little rustic character into their home.

Beautiful chalkboard coat rack our customer Rob Gawthrop built using our beautiful barnwood.


Close up of the barn wood counter handcrafted by Rob Gawthrop.


Barnwood counter top built by Rob Gawthrop.


Tamarack dining table handcrafted by Drew Campbell.


Tamarack dining table by Drew Campbell.


Barnwood used as paneling for a boys nursery.


Basswood shelf with a tung oil finish.


Conference room wall done with reclaimed brown board by R. Fromm Company LLC. Rick Fromm, a general contractor in residential and industrial.
Phone: 313-550-1568 


Another picture of the conference room wall by R. Fromm Company LLC



All furniture is custom made to order. For pricing, email or contact John Vanecek at Dunn - Wright Steel. 



All furniture is custom made to order. For pricing, email or contact John Vanecek at Dunn - Wright Steel. 



All furniture is custom made to order. For pricing, email or contact John Vanecek at Dunn - Wright Steel. 



All furniture is custom made to order. For pricing, email or contact John Vanecek at Dunn - Wright Steel. 


This is a before picture of a couple of beams in a house this family wanted covered. To the right is the after picture.


This is a couple of beams wrapped in our reclaimed barn wood. Adding history and character to this house! To the left is the before picture. Gorgeous covers, a job well done!


Beautiful barn wood sliding door on a bathroom done by one of our customers.


The entire finished door!


Bedroom wall done by a customer, what a beautiful room!


Up close picture of the bedroom wall. Gorgeous!


Beautiful table done by a customer!


Just Gorgeous!


Look at the observation counter at M1 Garage!


What a view, fantastic job done by one of our customers


Corrugated metal installed below a bar height counter by one of our customers.


Beautiful piece of artwork! What a way to use a barn wood beam!


Beautiful 7 ft reclaimed barn wood dining room table done by Zac Besant of Besant Wood Designs.







Beautiful conference table done by Cole Wagner and gang.


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Console table made by one of our customers using our beautiful slab wood.




Inset shelving area using our Washed Weathered Oak Brown Board Siding.

One of our clients used our remilled reclaimed barn wood oak flooring to do most of their main floor. Came out beautifully with circle saw marks and other rustic character for a nice warm home feeling.

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