Reclaimed Barnwood Fireplace Mantels

Making a great architectural statement can be as simple and inexpensive as incorporating one of our distinctive vintage reclaimed barn wood mantels.
We have antique weathered gray, milled, hand hewn, log, natural distressed and clear coated barn-wood mantels, each one unique and original. Lengths can range from 4 foot up, most of our mantels can be cut down to a desired length, we can find a fit for your fireplace mantel needs. Vintage barn beams make a dramatic statement and they can work with just about any home decor from rustic to modern. Mantels can be purchased from our 207 N. Saginaw. Byron Michigan location, which is centrally located from Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Flint or shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. We accept cash, check, credit cards or PayPal for your convenience.
We have more mantel material in stock than is listed here, fill out a product request form or give us a call to make an appointment to pick one out in person. If you would like a mantel shipped please fill out the Product Request form in detail and we will reply with a quote for that piece including shipping. All shipping costs vary depending on size, weight and destination. We have quickly become the unfinished barn wood mantel leader and will continue to work hard to get these shipped out to you and more inventory in stock as quickly as possible for your fireplace mantel needs. Thanks to all for your patronage.

You can download a pdf on how to mount your mantel depending on your particle application at the bottom of this page.
You can see what some of these pieces may look like installed on our Finished Projects Fireplace Mantels page.

We have a whole bunch of shelf or slab style mantels with corbels both finished and unfinished plus more stock to cut custom sizes.

Hand Hewn Mantels
Gray Hand Hewn Red Pine Beam
Pretty light gray with some brown showing through on this hand hewn red pine beam. Unfortunately the camera does not capture the true gray colors.
Item # m625ghhrpb6x6x6'3
Price $168.00
Distressed Hewn Pine Mantel
Slight gray distressed pine beam. This type of light distressing generally comes from a beam that runs across the width of a few barns right at railing height. Not sure what it is there for. Maybe to keep animals at bay but we can tell you the farm children sure love to play, walk, and balance on them leaving a nice amount of wear, nicks, and dings to give these the perfect character. We always spot these when we walk into a barn for mantel stock. As usual for this beams location there is several stud mortises you can see the edge of from the bottom or top depending on how you hang it. Also the bottom has an angle up towards the front and there is a bark edge on one of the back corner.
Item # m658dhp6.5x7x6'10
Price $233.19
Slight Gray White Pine Mantel
This piece is hand hewn with a couple of rafter notches. We took a picture of it this way to show the notches but we would flip it for install and have them face down. They are not centered but could be with a few inches off one end. They grays are always hard to capture the color in a picture but I think we did pretty well here depending on your monitor.
Item # m568sgwp6.5x7x6'5
Price $267.63
Hand Hewn White Pine Mantel
This is a nice example of hand hewn white pine. Has a medium dark patina with one mortise on the back side and two surface notches on the face. Perfect size for a mantel piece.
Item # m665hhwp7x7x5'8
Price $254.53
Hand Hewn White Pine Mantel
Another beautiful piece with smooth hewn marks and a medium dark patina. Be aware though cameras and monitors do not show the true shade of this material. There are no mortises on this one.
Item # m644hhwp6.5x7x6'3
Price $296.22
Large Distressed White Pine Mantel
This one is hand hewn but mostly distressed. Pretty light weight for the size it should be pretty easy to hang on a bigger fireplace. The edges have been worn off and probably were the live edge of the tree. No mortises but the worn rounded edges should face out.
Item # m666lhhwp9x9x7'
Price $290.25

Hand Hewn White Pine
Nicely hewn with good distressing and a darker patina. There is old gray paint in the character marks giving it an aged look. This is a real good piece to take home for the price. There is one mortise on the backside. We could cut this down to your desired length for $20.
Item # m554hhwp6x6x6'11
Price $228.25
Hand Hewn White Pine Mantel with Mortises
This piece has been hand hewn and mortised out to serve a purpose in the barn. Some folks like to see this character and craftsmanship and save some costs on a mantel at the same time. It does have a darker dirty patina so no mistaking this for an authentic turn of the century barn beam.
Item # m604hhwp7x7x5'4
Price $174.22
Hand Hewn White Pine Mantel
A little aged and worn we have this one marked to sell. There is one mortise on the backside. Good for a second less formal fireplace like a bedroom, cottage or deck.
Item # m513hhwp6x7x5'5
Price $170.73
Rustic Hand Hewn Pine Mantel
A very nice rustic hand hewn fireplace mantel beam. Believe this one will sell well so come get it before someone else sees it. There is one mortise on the back side
Item # m649rhhp6.5x7x6'1
Price $288.32
Rustic Hand Hewn Pine Mantel
A very nice rustic hand hewn fireplace mantel beam. Believe this one will sell well so come get it before someone else sees it. There is one mortises on the back side
Item # m650rhhp6.5x7x7
Price $278.69
Rustic Hewn White Pine Mantel with Corbels
Rustic look with original mortises and some tenons left in. We thought the pegged corbel look would go well with this piece. A beautiful rich patina this one comes with corbels and mounting hardware.
Item # m511rhwp7x8x6'
Price $364.00
Burnt Live Edge Pine Mantel
This unique piece has a burnt live edge indicating it was involved in one of the Great Thumb Fires of 1871 or 1881. Read more about it here You would probably hang this one upside down from the picture but we wanted to show the burnt live edge off. Also, many folks don't realize they will be looking at the bottom of their mantel more than the top. There are many mortises to add to the authentic barn beam look.
Item # m562blep7x7x6
Price $245.00

Hand Hewn Birch Mantel
Birch is pretty soft with a light blond color and a tight grain that is hard to see like basswood or soft maple. This one has some live edge on the bottom corner a nice aged patina and one mortise on the back side.
Item # m675hhb6x6.5x6'2
Price $140.29
Hand Hewn Basswood Mantel
A light colored piece with really great distressing. There is a slight curve as many old barn beams have making the cost on this piece a bargain.
Item # m433hh6x6.5x3'10
Price $68.46
Hand Hewn Soft Maple
Smooth hewn with a distressed face with shapes stamped in it. Maple looks great with a clear coat to bring out the character and color. There are two pockets on the back side you can see the edge of. This piece is light and straight.
Item # m556hhsm7.5x8.5x6
Price $223.13
Hand Hewn Beech Mantel
Beech is also a lighter colored wood. This one has a nice aged patina and prominent adze marks.  is a real nice smooth hewn mantel out of an ash. The bottom side in the picture is naily but we would face that up so you can admire the nice hewing when sitting in front of the fire. There are no mortises in this piece so the choice of sides is up to you. It. does have a slight curve that you can barely see in the photo. We could cut this down for $20 if it is too long for your fireplace.
Item # m660hhb6x6x7
Price $252.00
Small Hand Hewn Elm Mantel
This one is wormy with live corners and a pocket on the face. Back side has an imperfection. Priced to sell or cut even smaller to remove the pocket..
Item # m667shhe6x6x4'8
Price $70.00
Small Hand Hewn Elm Mantel
This one is pretty smooth hewn for elm. We though it was ash at first and took a while to decide it is elm. With no pockets it makes this one and exceptional piece to put above your fireplace.
Item # m661hhe5.5x6.5x5'6
Price $245.78
Hand Hewn Elm Mantel
Corse hewn as elm usually is but finding many folks like how the adze marks stand out from across the room. Hang this over your fireplace and no doubt it will get noticed. Pretty sure we have a mortise on the back making the face the naily side but you can hang it how you like. Good size for a hardwood barn beam mantel for an average size fireplace.
Item # m676hhe6x6.5x6
Price $234.00
Large Hand Hewn Elm Mantel
Elm tends to be more coarse hewn with very noticeable adz marks. These have a nice light aged patina and a unique grain that both really pop with a clear coat. There is one mortise on the back side. This one does have a slight curve.
Item # m596lhhe8x8x7'1"
Price $283.33
Small Hand Hewn Ash Mantel
Nice dimensions for a mantel with one mortise centered on the face there is some live edge on the bottom corner. Smooth hewn with the classic ash grain and a nice patina. The top side is naily. We took the picture upside down and generally most folks see the bottom of the mantel more than the top.
Item # m664hhra5x5,5x6'1
Price $160.32
Hand Hewn Ash Mantel
Nice dimensions for a mantel with one mortise centered on the face there is some live edge on the bottom corner. Smooth hewn with the classic ash grain and a nice patina. The top side is naily. We took the picture upside down and generally most folks see the bottom of the mantel more than the top.
Item # m655hha5.5x7x6'6
Price $221.38
Small Hand Hewn White Oak Mantel
Not too big for folks who want white oak accent but can't handle the weight. There is one mortise on all three sides of this one. Many like that but it does keep the costs down too.
Item # m663shhwo5.5x5.5x5'11
Price $149.15 
Large Hand Hewn Red Oak Mantel
A nice large deep red oak mantel piece for a bigger fireplace. Red oak is a little lighter than white oak but this is a big piece of wood. Beautiful color and adze marks with a mortise both in back and front. We have been low on oak beams so glad to get this in.
Item # m678lhhro7x8.5x7
Price $277.67
Sawn Mantels
Circle Sawn Hatchet Face Pine Mantel with Corbels
Love this piece with a nice dirty gray color and hatched marks on the face. The rough sawn circle sawn marks and naily corbels add the look. Color is hard to get right in the photograph but you will not be disappointed in the look of this one in person. Comes with corbels and hanger bolts.
Item # m573cshfp3x7x5'7
Price $322.44
Distressed Gray Pine Mantel Slab
This style generally works best if you are capping off a standard height stone fireplace but did have someone buy the sister to this one to be thin enough to shape around an existing floor to ceiling stone chimney. We did have to rotate this one to try and even up the gray color. We generally never find them an even gray color so we have to leave some sides out to face the sun and even up the color. It takes some time and rotation.
Item # m618dgps3x10x7'8
Price $239.58
Gray Circle Sawn Mantel Ash Slab with Corbels
Hard for us to come by good gray mantel pieces. Many think all barn wood is gray but only the outside is gray. The inside is just 150 years of dirt and dust. This one came pretty gray so we did not have to leave and rotate it outside like we do on some others. Circle saw marks and a naily bottom it has plenty of character if you are looking for a weathered gray piece. Comes with corbels and hanger bolts.
Item # m617gcsas4x8x8
Price $384.00
Live Bottom Edge Ash Mantel Slab with Corbels
This one has some interesting live bottom edge and small corbels to accommodate the edge. Very light piece also so install should be a breeze with the provided anchor bolts. A finish on this piece would probably look very good too. You can see some ash pieces finished in that section of this page.
Item # m670lbea3x7x5'1
Price $249.08
Narrow Circle Sawn Ash Mantel Slab with Corbels
Apparently a lot of folks look for a narrower mantel when they have a TV above it. This one is very tasteful with a bit of a live wormy bottom edge or you could turn it around to see asome distressed cribbing on the bottom edge. You decide or make it reversible and change it up on occasion. Hanger bolts provided
Item # m671ncsa3x6x6
Price $252.008
Perfect Circle Sawn Red Oak Shelf Mantel with Corbels
Shelf style circle sawn red oak mantel with nail holes. Comes with matching corbels and hanger bolts.
Item # m669pcsro3x7x7
Price $318.50
Live Edge Circle Sawn White Oak Mantel with Matching Corbels
Very interesting wormy live edge white oak slab with bug tunnels and matching corbels. Hanger bolts provided.
Item # m668lecswo3x7x6'6
Price $295.75
Beautiful Straight Smooth Douglas Fir Slab Mantel with Corbels
Douglas fir tends to get a deep rich red/brown patina that many find very attractive. There is some light wear on these together with the straight smooth surface and deep patina makes this a nice option for a slab style mantel or a display shelf. We can cut this one down quick and touch up the end for a small fee if you need something shorter.
Item # m616bssdf2.5x9x7'2
Price $268.75
Live Edge Circle Sawn Elm Mantel with Corbels
Circle sawn elm with a big live edge bottom. Elm has a beautiful grain and keeps a lighter colored patina. We have found that this species after sanded can take stain better than most our other barn wood if you wanted it darker.
Item # m441lecse3x9.5x6'1
Price $332.12
Circle Sawn White Pine Slab with Corbels
A narrow rustic slab of white pine with a nice medium to light patina. Corbels and hanger bolts included for easy installation.
Item # m542cswp4x6x5'5
Price $260.00 
Rustic Circle Sawn Pine Slab with Corbels
A small rustic slab of old barn joist with a nice dark patina and iron nail bleeding holes.  
Item # m480rcsps4x7x5
Price $280.00 
Rustic Circle Sawn Douglas Fir Slab with Corbels
Everyone has been really liking these. Luckily we had a good stock of them but running out. These are very rustic with large dark bleeding nail holes on the face. We have finished a few of these and they look really cool and sell quickly. There may be a finished one in that section of this page still fi you want to get the idea. They defiantly turn even darker with a clear coat. Get your while you can. we will never get any think like these again.
Item # m673rcsdf3x7.5x6
Price $292.50
Rustic Circle Sawn Douglas Fir Slab with Corbels
Everyone has been really liking these. Luckily we had a good stock of them but running out. These are very rustic with large dark bleeding nail holes on the face. We have finished a few of these and they look really cool and sell quickly. There may be a finished one in that section of this page still fi you want to get the idea. They defiantly turn even darker with a clear coat. Get your while you can. we will never get any think like these again. This one is not as dark and distressed as the others of this material we had. Let me tell you we spent a lot of time trying to get all the nails out of this stock.
Item # m674rcsdf3x7.5x6'6
Price $316.88
Deep Sawn Sanded Pine Mantel
Perfect dimensions and color for a nice semi rustic fireplace. Folks are always asking for deeper pieces with no pockets. So here you go. Get it while we have it. All of those factors do not come along in the same beam very often. This one has been sanded a lot to give a smooth soft touch.
Item # m677dssp6x8x6
Price $228.00
Circle Sawn Pine Mantel
Nice dimensions and dark color with good saw marks and clean lines. Great for a mid formal setting. Some minor respectable live edge. The back side has been cut to go against the wall.
Item # m648csp6x8x6
Price $231.00
Circle Sawn Pine Beam Mantel
There is some light gray in with this brown color the camera did not pick up. Nice prominent circle saw marks with no mortises, the back has a more brown naily side to it you may like better but either way you can't go wrong. We do have pictures of the back side also or you can get an idea from the matching beam below.
Item # m651cspb6x6x5'8
Price $238.00
Circle Sawn Pine Beam Mantel
A nice circle sawn beam with prominent saw marks and a naily face that we found more interesting but with no mortises you could face this any way you want. The back side would look similar to the beam above but no noticeable graying.
Item # m652cspb6x6x5'10
Price $229.50
Distressed Circle Sawn White Pine Beam Mantel
This one was actually broke in half on an angle and then nailed back together on the farm. We thought it was very interesting. Great conversation piece with plenty of story and character. One mortise.
Item # m662dcswp6x6.5x6'4
Price $144.08
Distressed Circle Sawn White Pine Beam with Pegged Corbels
This one has a lot of nice aged dings and nicks and includes a handmade tethering ring showing years of use in the barn. We made some matching corbels that mount with bolts hidden by some old authentic barn pegs or trunnels. Trunnel or barn peg, (also known as a tree nail), is the wooden pegs used to hold the whole tendon and mortise barn beam structure together. Learn more about barn pegs here;
Item # m543dcswp6x6x4'9
Price $256.50
Circle Sawn Birch Beam
Believe these to be birch but very hard to tell from poplar, soft maple, and basswood. This has a light patina with saw mark accents. There is one mortise on the back side and a peg hole you can see from the top and bottom.
Item #m633csbb6x6x5'2
Price $124.00 
Circle Sawn Live Edge Birch Beam
We rarely get birch beams but they have a lighter patina with some light minerals streaks. This one has a nice live edge on the bottom front corner and good circle saw marks. There are no mortise but the back does have cracks from when the beam dried more than a hundred years ago. Most any beam will have some type of cracks called checking from when they originally dry from the outside in as the outside shrinks faster than the inside can. We could cut this down to your desired length for $20.
Item # m624csleb6x6x6'10
Price $164.00 
Circle Sawn Birch Beam without Corbels
Corbels were sold without this beam so we need to get updated picture next time we post new mantels. We rarely get birch beams but they have a lighter patina with some light minerals streaks. This comes with corbels and hanger bolts. We could cut this down to your desired length for $20.
Item # m585csbb6x6x6'10
Price $164.00
Circle Sawn Pine Beam
This is not the best piece but the price reflects that. There is a mortise on the back side also.We could cut this down to your desired length for $20.
Item # m623csp5.5x6.5x6'10
Price $142.50 
Weathered Circle Sawn Elm Mantel
A interesting circle sawn elm piece with two through mortises for those who like to see that hand crafted character and that says this is a true turn of the century reclaimed barn beam.
It is slightly weathered on the back side. We do have good pictures of all four sides of this one. 
Item # m498wcse7x7x7'1
Price $202.37
Wormy Circle Sawn Elm Mantel Beam
A interesting wormy circle sawn elm piece with one mortise on the bottom side and some live edge. 
Item # m626wcse8x8x6'1
Price $162.22
Circle Sawn White Pine Beam
There are no mortises on this one but there is a weathered spot.
Item # m654cswp7x7x5'3
Price $192.94
Distressed White Pine Beam Mantel
Well distressed the back side is a little darker with many nail holes if you like that better. No mortises or pockets on this one leaves many options open.
Item # m619dwpb6.5x8x5'7
Price $266.14
Distressed White Pine Beam Mantel
Some distressing some may like others may not. Light weight for easy install with good patina for that aged barn beam look. There is a pocket hole on the bottom side we do have a picture of. This one could be cut down to your desired length for $20.
Item # m635dwpb6x6x6'3
Price $168.75
Deep Rough Sawn Douglas Fir Mantel
This came from an old warehouse joist so a little different than our normal barn beams. We get a lot of request for this size and generally do not get it in a barn beam. A very dark patina with some hi-lo dings. The cut end would definitely need a ouch up with a torch and it will match perfectly. This is a pretty heavy piece so it should set on something or be set in stone good.
Item # m502drsdf6x12x7'8
Price $368.00
We have more of this material. What size do you need?
Finished Mantels
Finished Ash Mantel Shelf with Corbels
This piece came out beautifully. Just perfect character, color, and grain. We really just keep looking at it feeling we cannot charge enough, so if your looking for the perfect piece, come and get it.  As usual the camera does not capture the true character, color, circle saw marks, or quilted grain areas. Three coats of polyurethane to last and protect for many years. Comes with matching corbels and anchor bolts.
Item # m606fams3x7.5x5'6
Price $515.634
Finished Live Edge Oak Mantel Shelf with Corbels
A really beautiful circle sawn live edge oak piece with matching corbels. Can't say enough about this one either. Beautiful grain, finish, color, distressing and live edge. Three good coats of clear. Come with anchor bolts.
Item # m659fleo3x7x4
Price $364.00
Finished White Oak Mantel Shelf with Corbels
Another gorgeous piece. We had a very hard time deciding which sides looked best so we are calling it reversible and finished all sides. The back has some live edge which originally was meant to go with the corbels from the mantel below but the naily side looked so beautiful we swapped corbels and the front. If the piece is still available below we can change it back, whatever you like better. There is also some nice quarter sawn rays, circle saw marks, and a perfect finish. This one will go very quickly also.
Item # m608fwoms3x7.5x5
Price $478.13
Finished Live Edge Elm Mantel with Corbels
A nice live edge with nail holes on the front. Skim planed to leave some circle saw marks but still bring out the amazing grain on this piece. Must see to appreciate for we could not capture it on film. We did take a few close ups if you live in another state and can't come out to visit us in person. Three coats of polyurethane to last and protect for many years. Comes with matching corbels and anchor bolts.
Item # m448flee3x9.5x5'10
Price $498.47
Finished Black Ash Mantel with Corbels
Black ash has a beautiful grain and is heavier and harder than most other ash and has a lot of the same characteristics as hickory. With some mineral deposits and a darker heartwood we skim planed and clear coated this one so you can see the pretty grain and color variations. The finish also brings out the skimmed saw marks and other character the planer leaves behind in a skim plane. Comes with matching corbels and anchor bolts.
Item # m525fba4x7.5x6
Price $525.00
Finished Circle Sawn Ash Mantel with Corbels
This one has a some very unique abstract wormy live edge for those that like things to be a little interesting and different. We matched up some live edge corbels for those that need a little more continuity. There is some quilting grain and a weird raised circle grown into the live edge we just had to keep and show off. Hope you like it as much as we did. You can see how this would look with a clear coat in the finished mantels section. Comes with matching corbels and hanger bolts.
Item # m642csasle3x7.5x5'7
Price $502.50
Finished Rustic Circle Sawn Douglas Fir Slab with Corbels
This one is real rustic. Thanks to our helper doing a great job sanding this one out it came out beautiful. We did a clear coat on one of these and it came out so beautiful it sold before we could even get pictures of it. With prominent circle saw marks and a rough texture including large nail holes on the sides.This one is reversible if you like the naily edge in the second picture better.
Item # m615rcsdf3x7.5x6
Price $495.00
Finished Circle Sawn White Oak Shelf Mantel with Corbels
Perfect circle sawn piece of white oak with a naily face or you can use the non naily side as shown in the second picture if you like depending on the character you like. Comes with matching corbels and hanger bolts.
Item # m612cswos3x7.5x6
Price $540.00
Half Hewn Mantels
Half Hewn Distressed White Pine Mantel
Nicely distressed with a multi color patina we love this piece. The top was sawn many years ago so it also has a nice patina to match. With a couple of small construction notches this mantel piece has a great look.
Item # m384hhdwp3.5x9.5x7
Price $271.54
Half Log Mantels
Distressed Log Faced Hewn Aged Cedar Mantel with Corbels
This one has a lot of character on the log face with weathering nicks and dings and other wear. Nice natural colored patina and hewn on the other three sides. We have made corbels for this piece now. New picture to come if we don't sell it before then.
Item # m539dlfhp6.5x7.5x6'10
Price $347.01
Log Faced Circle Sawn Wormy Hard Maple
We still need to finish this one up by cutting the back straight but if you have the capabilities to do it yourself you could get this beautiful piece at a much better price. Right now both sides are an option and have a beautiful patina with knots and hatchet marks.  Nice light color variations.
Item # m638lfcshm6x8x6
Price $192.00
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Drywall concealed mantel mount

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For your convenience you can click to download the pdf file on the left that most appropriately describes your mantel mount application. Or use a combination of a few to meet your installation needs. We do our best to give good installation instructions here but every application is different and should be performed by a skilled installer. You can give us a call with any questions to help you mount your reclaimed barn wood mantel for years of enjoyment.