Clearance and Closeouts

Here we posts our sales, clearance, and mark downs on our overstock and closeout reclaimed barn wood beams, planking, lumber and hardware from barns here in Michigan. Keep on eye on this page as items will change often at these prices.

1930s Sears Kit Home Sub Floor
Rough sawn and distressed at 3/4" thick by 9.3/4" wide in random lengths with some more distressed than others depending on location. We have about 600 square feet we would sell at $2.00 a square foot for the whole lot. For smaller quatities the price will go up. The more you buy the more you'll save. We will not be selling this in real small quantities other than some short stock at our shop.
Again that's $2.00 to $3.00 a square foot depending how much your buy.
3x4 Rustic White Pine
We have 17 real pretty 3"x4"x18'6" that were used as rafters from a 1800's barn. These will be great for rustic studs or rafters for an outhouse or shed. Maybe even a dear blind. These are located at our Fenton warehouse so will only be sold in a decent quantity. Give us a call with your needs and we can set up a time to meet there.
$55 each
4x4 Rustic White Pine
We have good quantity of rough sawn 4"x4" white pine beams many at 14' and some at 13', a few at 12' and then shorter to 7'. These were used as rafters from a 1800's barn. Great for rustic studs, rafters, or other architectural features. We have so many we are selling them at $4.00 a board foot and even cheaper for a good quantity now that we have wash them. That equals $5.33 a lineal foot. Give us a call with your needs and we can set up a time to meet.
$4.00 a board foot for decent quantities
7.5"x10" wormy beech hand hewn beams
We got this stock of short hand hewn beech beams we will be selling for cheap before we wash and treat them. The nicer lightly grayed ones with few pockets will go for more than the more dirty ones with more pockets but either way we plan on letting them go as cheap as we can. Give us a call with your desires and length and we will see what kind of deal we can give you. These are at our Fenton warehouse so we will only set up appointments after an acceptable quote. More than one will get you a better price.
We have since washed and treated these. So price is now more but still good for the quality. Last picture to the right shows them washed.
$4.50 to $7.00 a board foot
Discount Short Beams
We are starting to get too many short beams in stock so we are going to let many go for as low as $150. Which is much less than the already discounted prices. These could be used for rustic mantels, table legs, ceiling light displays, and many other small projects. There are a few that will go higher but still cheaper than are regular prices and way cheaper than our normal mantel pieces. Give us a call with your wants and we will see what kind of deal we can give you. These are in our bargain barn so let us know you saw this add so we schedule the right location and you get the discount pricing. 
$150 - $200
Weathered Gray Short Stock
 We have a lot of weather gray short stock barn siding in random width from 4' to 6'6". Single boards and 6'8" and longer door stock will be sold at regular price of $6 a square foot. But if you need a good quantity and mention this add prices will be as low as $4.50 a square foot for orders over 100 square feet and $5.00 for over 50 square feet. Call for other discount options.
Again mention this add to get the discount and so we meet at our bargain barn.




Very Old Weathered Gray Barn Siding
 We have a bunk of 52 square feet in longer boards we will sell for the $4.50 a square foot if you buy the lot. Random lengths from 3' to 7' and very random widths anywhere from 6" to 16".
So that's $236 for 52 square feet.




1" Thick Mixed Hardwood
Mix of Ash, Elm, Maple, and some Oak. Most are circle sawn and tend to be more narrow than our pine like 4" to 8". We have a nice batch of miscellaneous random width short stock of 133 square feet we would like to sell as a lot for $4.00 a square foot. Around 4' to 7' mostly over 6'. Great for an accent wall. Hardwood tends to not be as straight as the pine so it will take some tooling by someone with some knowledge and skills. We get calls and clients show us pictures of this type of hardwood accent wall all the time from Pinterest and other design websites but they don't tell you how much work and skill has gone into it.
$4.00 to $5.00 a square foot depending on quantity and quality.
Logs and Sleepers 
Logs and sleepers with and without bark in various sizes and species. Most are hewn on one or two sides. Great for log beams, pergolas and arbors, stair railings, log siding, and log furniture.
$3.00 a running foot.
Only a few left but we can generally get more with enough time.