Clearance and Closeouts

Here we posts our sales, clearance, and mark downs on our overstock and closeout reclaimed barn wood beams, planking, lumber and hardware from barns here in Michigan. Keep on eye on this page as items will change often at these prices.

3x8 Rustic Pine Joists
We reclaimed a good quantity of very old 3x8 rustic pine joists with big nail holes. Mostly 11' to 12' they are so old the most of the nails had rusted and expanded in the wood to be quite a challenge to pull.
Washed and dried and ready to install. 
 These have been gone thru by customers and most of the ones left are not very straight. If you would like 1 for a mantel please refer to our mantels page.
$3.00 to 5.00 a board foot depending on quality and how straight.
Circle Sawn Elm Beams
We have some circle saw elm beams on clearance. Denailed with few break offs and few nails to begin with. Not too many mortises but not very straight. These are washed now. Some had red paint that washed off easy since these pictures were taken.
Cost will range from $2 to $4 a bd ft. depending on quantity and quality.
We only have 4@8x8x16'6" left.
Circle Sawn Hemlock
 and No nails, just a rustic circle sawn Hemlock out of one of our barns.
We have 1x6", 8", and 10" most of them are little over 8' long.
Call or email with your specific needs.
$4.50 b.f. $3.50 depending on quantity.




Logs and Sleepers 
Logs and sleepers with and without bark in various sizes and species. Most are hewn on one or two sides. Great for log beams, pergolas and arbors, stair railings, log siding, and log furniture.
$2.00 $1.50 a running foot.