Clearance and Closeouts

Here we posts our sales, clearance, and mark downs on our overstock and closeout reclaimed barn wood beams, planking, lumber and hardware from barns here in Michigan. Keep on eye on this page as items will change often at these prices.

1930s Kit Home Sub Floor
Rough sawn and distressed at 3/4" thick by 9.3/4" wide in random lengths with some more distressed than others depending on location. We have about 600 square feet we would sell at $2.50 a square foot for the whole lot. For a few individual boards price will be quite a bit more at $3.20 a running foot but the more you buy the more you'll save.
Again that's $2.50 to $4.00 a square foot depending how much your buy.
Mixed Pallet Wood,
You asked for it and here it is. We have gotten a lot of calls in the past for reclaimed pallet wood so we went out and found it. Well let me tell you it is more labor than it is worth and we will not be doing it again unless this add goes over very well. For now we have this small quantity of mixed species, color, texture, width, and thickness pallet wood from many different sources. Exactly what folks are looking for to make an interesting accent wall or wet bar. it was a little gray the day we took pictures so the color and shade is off.
 We will sell the bulk of
77 square feet for $231.00 
3x8 Rustic Pine Joists
We reclaimed a good quantity of very old 3x8 rustic pine joists with big nail holes. Mostly 11' to 12' they are so old the most of the nails had rusted and expanded in the wood to be quite a challenge to pull.
Washed and dried and ready to install. 
 These have been gone thru by customers and most of the 10 left are not very straight. If you would like 1 for a mantel please refer to our mantels page.
$65 each if buying more than 5
$110 for a single.
Washed Weathered Oak Brown Board 
Washed weathered brown board is weathered gray siding washed to reveal the aged patina just below the surface. With this process we get a cleaned brown board with all the character of worn weathered siding. This batch just happens to be oak. Great for the projects you want that weathered character but need a cleaner material. This material is 1" thick. Generally used on accent walls. We have this batch 121 square feet of short stock on clearance in the bargain barn. Mostly short from 3' to 7' long and 9" to 11.5" wide. We have more longer lengths at the main warehouse for a little more so let us know and we set up a time at either location.
Washed and dried and ready to install.
$4.00 a square foot or $484 for the lot.
That's pretty good for oak and how much labor we have into this.
The circle sawn back is real pretty to as pictured.
Circle Sawn Hemlock
 and No nails, just a rustic circle sawn Hemlock out of one of our barns.
We have mostly 1x6" and a 8" or 10" too. Most of them are little over 8' long.
Call or email with your specific needs.
$4.50 b.f. $3.50 depending on quantity.




Rustic Pine Brown Board Short Stock
 We tons of short stock we need to unload not just in rustic pine but in all flavors of reclaimed barn wood. Will sell the rustic pine for $4.00 a square foot for quantities over 50 square feet. Washed and dried and stored inside this is beautiful stuff. This bunk is mostly 4' to 5' long and 6" to 12" wide but we have other batches and styles so give us a call with you wants and needs and sure will can fill them with the best reclaimed barn wood around. See the rest and then buy from the best.




Very Old Weathered Gray Barn Siding
 We have a bunk of 89 square feet in longer boards we will sell for the $4.50 a square foot if you buy the lot. Random lengths from 3' to 7' and very random widths anywhere from 6" to 16".
So that's $403.61 for 89 square feet.




1" Thick Mixed Hardwood
Mix of Ash, Elm, Maple, and some Oak but more ash. Most are circle sawn narrow like 5" to 8". We have 240 square feet we will sell at $4.00 a square foot for bunks of 100 square feet or more. Smaller quantities will be closer to regular price of $4.50 to $5.00 a square foot depending on quantity and quality.
Logs and Sleepers 
Logs and sleepers with and without bark in various sizes and species. Most are hewn on one or two sides. Great for log beams, pergolas and arbors, stair railings, log siding, and log furniture.
$2.00 $1.50 a running foot.