Reclaimed Barn Beams and Timbers

Whether renovating an older home, a business, or new construction, reclaimed barnwood opens up new design possibilities such as the use of hand hewn or milled beams and timbers. We can provide repurposed antique hand hewn or milled beams for fireplace mantels, inside decor, and timber framing in many different species. Reclaimed from old barns they are available in 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 10x10 and various other sizes and lengths. Beams are generally $4.00 to $7.00 a board foot depending on quality and quantity.
A board foot is height times depth divided by 12 then times the length of the beam. Example a 8"x8"x14' beam is 8"x8"=64/12=5.33*14'=76.66 board feet.

Most of our beams are washed, dried and stored inside.

Rustic Pine Hand Hewn Beams
Antique pine beams have a nice rich brown patina after a good power washing. Being a soft wood the pine species tends to get more character and distressing; just what we want to see in reclaimed barnwood.
Matching Set of Small Distressed Hand Hewn Pine Barn Beams
We have a set of 6 around 6"x7"x17't. We have more to go with this set if needed too. These have see some weather and wear if you are looking for that rustic look. We will sell the set for the low price of $2182 and add what you need for the bulk discount.
Selling the set for $2182 plus tax. 
Matching Set of Large Distressed Hand Hewn Pine Beams
We have a set of 4 at 9.5"x10"x17'2" distressed hand hewn beams. Perfect distressing and a color that many folks like. There are two mortises on opposite sides but only the side shown here has the nice distressing.
Selling the set for $2718 plus tax. 
White and Red Oak Hand Hewn Beams
 The unique natural patina of reclaimed oak makes for a beautifully aged appearance. Old growth white oak was water tight and had a natural resistance to decay. Because of this it was the wood of choice for ground contact, fences, whiskey barrels, and boats.
Ash Hand Hewn Beams
White ash has a very light beige color. It is generally straight grained with a smooth texture. Good for combining the current trend of light colors with the rustic hand hewn look of long ago.
Elm and Red Elm Hand Hewn Beams
We have both elm and red elm beams. Elm has a beautiful under rated grain with a stringy rough texture that generally has a coarse or rustic hewn appearance. Pictured here is the red elm believed to be the prettier of the two. There are many sub species of elm but we generally put them in elm or red elm categories. Elm is the lighter whiter color like; slippery elm, swamp elm, or gray elm. Red elm is the darker colored wood like; red elm, rock elm and black elm.
Hickory Hand Hewn Beams
Hickory is hard, heavy, strong, and typically straight grained, but can be wavy or irregular. Color varies from light to dark. Great for decors with more varying shades or to match hickory and ash flooring, trim, or cabinets.
Beech Wood Hand Hewn Beams
Beech is very hard and heavy. When hewn into a beam you can see some of the darker heart wood contrasting the light blond sap wood. Generally wormy because of the sugar in the wood, we have treated this material. Great for decors with a lighter tone looking to add a little contrast with the slightly darker heart wood.
Soft Maple Hand Hewn Beams
Old hand hewn soft maple is light in color and weight with a nice amber antiquing in the crevasses and a soft wearing of the raised areas. This really brings out the age and texture of the hand worked wood.
Basswood Hand Hewn Beams
A soft, light wood with smooth edges and texture. Great for lighter color interior decors or where weight may be a factor.
 White and Red Oak Circle Sawn Beams
Circle saw marks with the classic oak grain background brings back memories of how things were done in the old days when new machines and inventions where just starting out.
Circle Sawn Pine Beams
Here are some good examples of circle sawn pine. Circle sawn pine beams get a nice soft texture with lots of dings and a deep rich patina. These beams are actually a Tamarack or Larch which is considered to be somewhat decay resistant. 
Circle Sawn White Pine Beam Sets
We have two really nice sets of circle sawn white pine beams. The first set is 5 beams at 6"x8"x14' perfectly straight beams with tapered ends and no mortises. We can leave one off if you only need four. The other set is a set of 10 at 6"x6"x7'10" circle sawn white pine with a mortise on two corner sides opposite from each other. These are straight with character. If you buy enough of these we can break this set up. Good distressing and color, these beautiful pieces are rarely this nice and straight.
$6.50 to $7.50 a board foot. 
We still have the 6"x6"x7'10" but are selling them individually if wanted.
Circle Sawn Red Pine Beam Set
We have a nice set of 6x8 circle sawn red pine beams consisting of 3 at 12', 1 at 14'2. 2 at 14'6", 1 at 16'5", 1 at 16'6", and 1 at 16'10". Some of these have pockets or mortises and some have a little live edge. We will be making mantels out of these for twice the price if we do not sell them as beams. So get them at the lower cost if you need a good quantity.
$6.00 a board foot for the set or up to $12 a board foot for a single beam. 
Big Old Warehouse Rough Sawn Douglas Fir Beams
We get a lot of requests for beams of this size and never have them. Generally we tell folks the only time you get this size is out of a factory or old warehouse. Well we finally had a chance to get a hold of some so we can stop sending customers away! We have 15 at 6"x12"x22' old warehouse rough sawn pine beams with no mortises. They have been hit by hi-los a lot which is why they had to go. A nice dark patina that many clients ask for. These are pretty structural and could hold some serious weight.
$5.00 to $6.00 a board foot depending on quantity. 
Rough Sawn Milled Beams
Dramatic and rough texture, these rough sawn beams add a rustic country look to any decor!